NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Now or Never (Again) !

Considering that the present argument concerns a conceptual web incubation service conceived by and for (future) affiliate members of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising system (of which I am currently, as the self-authoring founding manager, the unique member), the elaboration of an author's basis of capitalization will depend - in terms of personal development - on the competences available to the prospective franchisee at the time s·he decides to join the network.
As I should further be allowed to assume that young people acquire whatever computer mastership is necessary at school, and that the adult generations of before the 2000 burst of the internet bubble certainly had enough time to adapt, the main problem lies with those populations of profiles which have neither a permanent personal home access to the internet, nor the means to get one.
Solving this systemic problem in a legitimate way requires to place the whole spectrum of related issues under permanent conceptual auditing for the purpose of capitalization, through the creation, by duly franchised members, of local associations whose quality-focused and results-based objectives will be to convert such skeptics and other people excluded from technological progress to the best conceptual networking practices.
As a master franchisor operating in compliance with an auditing rationale which aims at deconstructing all sorts of system defaults, my job is to transform the virtual incubation process through which added-value is produced into a matrix-based pathway that is intelligible at all levels of the social scale, without losing the impartiality which is necessary to the practice of my profession, but nevertheless in a way that enables me to shed some spectral light on whatever conceptual guarantees are missing at each echelon to make sure that prospects for affiliation will not dock on to my future portal using a device (their smartphone, tablet, portable or desktop PC) that generates nothing but leaking buckets. With this in mind, I developed the following program management dashboard (the interactive version thereof can only be displayed on desktop computers and tablets):
  •  Step 1: Production. Author: Daniela BERNDT. Source: All rights reserved.

    Step 1: Production. Author: Daniela BERNDT. Source: All rights reserved.

  •  Step 1: Demo Grid. Author: Daniela BERNDT. Source: All rights reserved.

    Step 1: Demo Grid. Author: Daniela BERNDT. Source: All rights reserved.

(Re-) Starting from the same dashboard, your role, as a prospect for affiliation, will be to accompany the changes which my web-enabled publication process is conceived to induce, in order to perform your own step-by-step assessment of your current configuration, with a view to producing the expected market outcome, meaning: a movement aiming for aggregate demand in the right direction of conceptual convergence towards the exit from any type of systemic crisis of legitimacy.
This part of the mission will be considered as accomplished when everyone will be enabled to confirm - at his·her own pace and level - that a certain kind of "self-promoting" societal mobility has settled in, that encourages everyone to progress individually for as long as collectively necessary and sufficient without ever ending up stuck in a misconception rooted in a legally flawed approach of intellectual property law.
In terms of sustainable self-development, which includes the conceptual recycling of the existing stock of assets and liabilities, convergence therefore starts with an inventory of existing solutions to be made admissible for integration into the franchising system’s knowledge base, which will build upon the human, intangible and material resources of the franchising network, whereby the conceptual optimum shall of course remain, for everyone concerned, the pure (re)creation of a NetworkProcessingUnit®-enabled portfolio of activities to be developed as a duly registered individual member of the NetPlusUltra®-sustained master franchising system.

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