NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

National Security and Freedom of Expression

The problem-solving cycle to be squared by the formula here is about ensuring that everyone will be enabled to take part in the democratic process, regardless of personal background and professional profile, in a manner which is transparent to all, i.e. both to internet consumers, who, as passive observers, settle for stage 5 with a configuration that is necessary and sufficient to stay informed since they do not intend to sacrifice all their leisure time to the networks, and to producers of assets, who build their entire user experience starting from this level to enable themselves to capitalize upon a rationale of added-value, which implies the construction of a monitoring dashboard for decision-making based on experience gained from knowledge put into practice.
Accordingly, the objective - from a legal perspective - is to propose an initial configuration which will remain normative + adaptative = scalable independently of the operating system it grafts upon, and which, on the grounds of the official webmail identifier, will help the national ISPs (general and professional) to isolate the conceptual building blocks that are so critical in terms of national communications, with a view to providing better security regardless of whether the user is a consumer and/or a producer: this is indeed the master franchise-focused prerequisite to provide a conceptually optimized "Externet+" service level guarantee.
In terms of the long-term stability of the new socio-economic balance to be found, which is expected to translate into sustainable development, the objective is to enable each country to create the conditions that are favorable to the emergence of a self-sustained user experience similar to that of the social networks, but without all the sectarian pitfalls rooted in geopolitical interference policies: such network environments need to be both more consistent in terms of promoting national unity, and less resource-intensive, which means that they can't be grounded in practices aiming for contractual embezzlement of incompatible systems. If the strictly necessary and sufficient minimum service is already available, albeit by default, we are still far from the conceptual optimum, due to the underlying prisoner’s dilemma of having to maintain at least the status quo.
In the present case of the French digital economy for example, promoting the emergence of a national experience at the native "Intranet+" level, which would extend into the corresponding multi-OS experience at the "Extranet+" level, and ultimately redeploy the whole internet into a truly localized but no less collaborative "Externet+" space, means completing the existing general ISP supply by adding the features which are still missing with regard to the normative-adaptative model introduced at step 2 (§6, points 5, 6, and 7 []), namely: the possibility to extend the individual user experience into the group dimension, by integrating options which would enable users to create thematic discussion boards (mailing lists), to publish both the individual and group profiles pertaining thereto, and to submit such forums for internal and external search engine optimization.
  • ASSETS (Mac1)
The purpose of this slideshow gallery, which is explained in greater detail below, is to demonstrate that when it comes to networking, securing the publication process starts with selecting a comprehensive messaging solution supporting multiple operating systems and formats.

The slide 05/12 below shows a non-exhaustive overview of the many independent social platforms in Europe, at the international level, and in the United States, which are not network extensions of a specific operating system (please click on a thumbnail to enlarge the view, access the web page, or play the movie trailer).
Please click on a thumbnail to access the corresponding Qwant search results page, website or movie trailer.
Let us now review the various steps of an user experience entirely integrated (redeployed) along a conceptual publication process dedicated to the "(native) Intranet+" + "(multi-OS) Extranet+" = "localized Externet+" environments respectively (all NetPlusUltra®-franchised):
  1. Upon registration with an ISP, creation of a customer account, an email account (providing a national webmail ID), and a preconfigured user profile page (to be activated and filled-in for internal referencing in case of intended participation in the community’s quality forum).

  2. At this stage, the user experience is conceptually secured by the obligation to submit one's profile for indexation in the forum directory in order to be provided access to the latter. On Planet+Ultra® (the master-franchising solution for web-authors, accessible at stage 7), this obligation is enhanced with a just as preconfigured interdiction to hide behind a misleading avatar.

  3. As already announced at step 2 ("Externet+"), the user experience comprises both a technical support service, which starts upon initial configuration of the equipment, and a community-based quality forum pertaining to the ISP's subject matter area (IPTV box and/or mobile IP-telephony for instance).

  4. As soon as the equipment is properly configured and operational, the user will be enabled to extend his·her reach by activating the thematic mailing list options, required profile page(s) included, since each new discussion list will have to be properly documented by a dedicated group profile in order to be referenced in the corresponding directories.

  5. If the newly created list is intended for users registered with another national ISP, but sharing the same interest for the type of content-sustained multimedia experience that comes with such entry-level offers, the user will be enabled to activate the option by which his·her group profile can be submitted to a search engine such as Qwant for indexation. This profile page should also include a redirection to the individual user profile of the list administrator and moderator, considering that the target audience will most certainly require some reliable background information on the group provider.

  6. The news agenda of such a discussion group will be made available to prospective members through services such as the Qwant Boards, which provide SEO, whereby the possibility to integrate new participants will technically depend on the activation of the extensions required for that purpose.

  7. The (future) presence, in this type of Qwant Boards, of franchised members seeking to optimize the referencing of their publications according to the same rationale, will help to maintain and cultivate the social link between consumers and producers.

By resorting to a high-potential search engine such as Qwant, with a view to enable the latter to redevelop itself into a collaborative environment for the promotion of a new type of franchise-sustained multi-ISP and multi-OS services, the NetPlusUltra® master franchising system which deploys the economic model of the same name will provide for the conceptual convergence of the diverging interests of the following profile groups (for further information about the latter, please refer to the corresponding slide in the above gallery):
  1. "SWOT dashboard" profiles: Consumers of digital contents who are not registered with the corporate social networks, and do not sustain a living from the digital economy.

  2. "Externet+" profiles: Consumers of digital contents who are registered with the corporate social networks, and do not sustain a living from the digital economy.

  3. "Intranet+" profiles of the "Mac 2" type: Employed producers of digital contents who are registered with the corporate social networks, and sustain a living from the digital economy.

  4. "Extranet+" profiles of the "Mac 1" type: Self-salaried independent producers of digital contents who are not registered with the corporate social networks, and sustain a living from the digital economy.

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