NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

The NetPlusUltra®-Sustained "R&4D Principle"

The main concern at this stage, for each self-respecting knowledge professional, established or in the making, is about keeping control of his·her web development within a multi-OS-enabled "Extranet+" environment where users of all existing native operating systems come together to share insight on their respective profiles, backgrounds, and aspirations. Whether you are an agent of the (people-oriented) social economy presented throughout stages 5 and 6, or a professional of the digital knowledge economy accessible as from the present stage 7, where it is all about optimizing societal systemics, it is undeniably with a professional web host officially operating at the (inter)national level, such as OVH in France, that you will find the best "quality/time/flexibility/price ratio".
In terms of the best practices to be adopted, it is starting from here that you will have to refrain from publishing online directly from within your browser, to go over instead to the more reliable "source-to-target" (or "copy-and-paste") options, with a view to making yourself compliant with the conceptual integrity principle (or priority rule) presented at step 6. Which logically implies to acquire mastery of more comprehensive web design tools such as (the Mac App Store version of) RapidWeaver and (the self-hosted ".org" version of) WordPress. After your first series of tests on the "Intranet+" ring, with its native tools enabling the editing and processing of text, numbers, presentations, e-books and blogs in a collaborative production environment supported by a private Virtual Publication Server, this new challenge should not represent much of a problem.
For the risk-aware user, the decision to affiliate at this stage will have to be economically motivated, considering that the purpose of my NetPlusUltra® master franchising solution is precisely to ensure that duly registered professional authors will be empowered to sustain a living from their productions, in compliance with the provisions of the European intellectual property law conceptualized by the formula. Although the access to the web service will be reserved exclusively for competent profiles during the launch phase thereof, considering that such members are expected to be able to deploy the network through successive waves of publication in direction of less professional internet users just as determined to improve their set of skills, the long-term objective remains to make NetPlusUltra® the ultimate R&D solution for the general public: indeed, the more franchised members there will be to participate in good faith in the global optimization effort, without complaining about the yearly suscription fee, the more the web service will be enabled to enlarge its scope so as to integrate new groups of profiles.
In organizational and technical terms of service implementation, the necessary and sufficient previews have already been published on the System page of my Dashfolio 2015 (), and in my status update of 2016-01-20 (), which I invite you to read again. As you might have understood, the middleweight configuration refers - from a conceptual perspective - to the point in the development of a project where it becomes unavoidable, for the author having competence over a specific perimeter, to acquire mastery of the tools necessary to present a web-enabled problem-solving project or program which is devised to be developed into a dedicated server solution. Considering that the current prototype version of my affiliation portal is an access-restricted WordPress-based Extranet+ module, whose homepage cannot be displayed for reasons that you will discover at step 8, I can only encourage you at this stage to wait until the upcoming publication of my FAQ forum, which will provide a more concrete preview of what to expect in terms of graphic interface and access engineering pertaining to the franchising system. For now, it is more relevant to focus on the conceptual model of a collaborative search engine conceived so as to promote the digital convergence of interests between prospective affiliates and franchised authors.
The following slide presents the conceptual model of a gLocalized collaborative search engine,
which like Qwant, and without The Ten Internet Flaws (), would enable to filter search results by sovereign national digital economies, through the following first version (updated to v3.0/2020) of what a future French user interface could look like. As represented by the graphic elements of the upper navigation bar, the advantage of this model is that it provides a default distribution of search results by types of contents (formats) published in the selected country (and in the official language thereof), which can be further fine-tuned by production environment (native "Intranet+" or multi-OS "Extranet+"). The forum would enable users to get in touch through their SEO dashboards, whereas the automatic identification of plagiarized contents, together with the possibility to report fraud, would make it a model of reference in the fight against counterfeiting (please click on a thumbnail to enlarge the view).
  •  Mac OS X El Capitan (Testfolio Omega v1.0/2016+).

    Mac OS X El Capitan (Testfolio Omega v1.0/2016+).

The following slideshow contains screenshots illustrating my use of the Qwant search engine.
The main window of the initial slide 4/4 shows a search results page displaying my contents published on the internet, whereas the second image embedded therein is a screenshot of my user profile on the Qwant Boards forum. The main inconvenient with the prevailing general SEO model resulting from systems hybridization is that it is grounded in a "red ocean" logic, which means that from one engine to another, search results differ only through minor variations of their filtering options. In other words: neither in content nor in form does any search engine offer more pertinent content extraction possibilities than the others. Whereby the undeniable advantage of Qwant over all other major search engines - apart from the still unexploited potential thereof - is that it provides much more linguistic filters () which allow to sort results by region, country and language (please click on a thumbnail to enlarge the view).
  •  Language settings (US-EN), under MacOS Catalina (Testfolio Omega v3.0/2020+).

    Language settings (US-EN), under MacOS Catalina (Testfolio Omega v3.0/2020+).

  •  Language settings (UK-EN), under MacOS Catalina (Testfolio Omega v3.0/2020+).

    Language settings (UK-EN), under MacOS Catalina (Testfolio Omega v3.0/2020+).

  •  Web & Images, under MacOS Catalina (Testfolio Omega v3.0/2020+).

    Web & Images, under MacOS Catalina (Testfolio Omega v3.0/2020+).

  •  Web & Boards, under El Capitan (Testfolio Omega v1.0/2016+).

    Web & Boards, under El Capitan (Testfolio Omega v1.0/2016+).

On the grounds of the present conceptual proof of feasibility pertaining to the dismantling of sectarian dynamics, with a view to finding a way out of the digital fracture aggregated by such vicious mechanics, let us now examine how the integration process should be enabled to unfold for each prospective franchisee:
  1. The consultation of NetPlusUltra®-labelled web contents (certified compliant with the conceptual integrity rule) shall be enabled by the featherweight configuration, which will provide access to the many feedback modules (FAQ forums) to be referenced by the franchising system's official search engine, whereby the latter will be searchable by all internet users.

  2. A franchised author's feedback forum will be authenticatable by its unfakable redirection to the future forum directory of NetPlusUltra® members, insofar as the latter will have to confirm in return the validity of the licence displayed by the said FAQ module (through a conceptual "SSL+" service layer), according to the reciprocity principle in effect among network members.

  3. Each feedback module is an integral part of a franchised author's concept presentation, whose purpose it is to virtually coach a (group of) prospective franchisee(s) during their self-preparation stage (or trial period) through a specific thematic perimeter. As soon as the referring coach confirms that a prospect is ready for affiliation, s·he will redirect the latter to the system's registration portal with an identification code, which does not exclude the possibility to pursue the collaboration as partners inside the network.

  4. Prospects who do not need a feedback module to get ready will be enabled to affiliate directly from inside the native "Intranet+" ring, with the recommended VPS configuration. In this case, the registration will take place through an "Enterprise Contacts Directory" provided by the IT manufacturer as part of the prospect's VPS configuration. This contact sheet will provide access to the quality forum of the OS-based "Intranet+" ring, i.e. to the native Intranet+Ultra® market of macOS, or Windows, or Android, or GNU users.

  5. Such prospects whose knowledge-intensive products and services are not reserved exclusively for users of the same operating system will be enabled to subscribe to the service directly from inside the "Extranet+" ring, through the affiliation portal providing access to the multi-OS-enabled Extranet+Ultra® market, the first version of which will be powered by a conceptualized self-hosted multisite iteration of

  6. The admission of users of other independent web hosting platforms, such as or Jimdo, will not be approved as compliant if the "Scangate" module integrated in the affiliation portal confirms that the prospect's system configuration, WordPress- or Jimdo-based Infolio module included, is interfaced with the social networks, considering that the latter are ruled by a contractual logic which is incompatible with that of NetPlusUltra®. Engaging with one of these two economic models (i.e. either with the American social internet, or with the European knowledge economy) therefore implies to disengage from the other.

  7. Once the prospect's registration is validated and his·her profile page operational, s·he will be provided access to the forum directory of franchised members, from where s·he will be enabled to take part, under real conditions, i.e. as a responsible test user, in the final development stages of the Unified Conceptual Declaration (U.C.D.), which, as you know, is conceived so as to aggregate into a spectrocopy (R&D-sustained knowledge base) for decision-making dedicated to the sustainable development and renewal of the master franchising system's resources.

What sets the NetPlusUltra®-sustained model of conceptually shared web hosting apart is that it redefines all existing web hosting solutions by dedicating itself to the preservation of the autonomy of independent knowledge professionals willing to telework from home as members of a network which provides for everything they need. Considering further that:
  1. the responsibility of a franchised web author should be limited to providing secured paid-access to his·her conceptual production pool,

  2. the "master franchising" principle which underlines the contractual framework providing access to my own web services forbids the outsourcing of infomanagement services between network members, precisely because the point is to spare everyone heavy expenses of infrastructure,

  3. only a dedicated web hosting formula can ensure the optimized aggregation of a system's spectroscopy which conceptually (i.e. respectfully) capitalizes upon the publication processes of all network members thereof,

  4. a franchised author cannot legitimately be expected to assume alone all digital professions, especially not the most technical ones, which require frequent interventions under the hood,

…my NetPlusUltra®-enabled master franchising model is conceived so as to ensure a logic progression from a shared web hosting package of the Professional type (), based on which the franchised author will have to produce his·her proof of concept integrity, to a shared Performance package (), which will enable him·her to benefit from the continued technical support of his·her web host (OVH in the present case) until s·he is in a position - if necessary and sufficient in terms of human and financial resources - to invest in an entirely dedicated solution.

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