NetPlusUltra®-Enabled Digital Rights Engineering, by Daniela BERNDT

Sign O' The Times

"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." - Albert Einstein.

Step 1 : Your NetPlusUltra® Dashboard.
In the area of communications, the smallest common denominator is the (linguistic, digital, punctuation) sign, which is the reunion of a signifier (the containing symbol) and the signified (meaning contained therein). When assembled according to the rules which define each country's specific linguistic system (or language), those signs create words (linguistics) and data (mathematics).
The conceptual implication of all this is not only that a NetPlusUltra®-enabled dashboard must be herme(neu)tic, so as to prevent any further unit of meaning and/or added value from being captured for sectarian purposes, but also that the user must be information and computer literate enough to be able to sustain a living as a member of the "Externet+" service level. In terms of reducing the great social and digital divide, the good news is that thanks to vocal recognition, a computer device (smartphone, tablette, laptop or desktop PC) can be (re)configured into a self-learning instrument against illiteracy, so as to become usable by less formally educated individuals, who, by becoming productive (again), would augment their chances of finding a paid job adapted to their profile.

Example of raw data: 3,739.

Step 2 : Your "Externet+" Dashboard.
It is only when such data is considered against the background of a specific context that it starts to produce intelligible, i.e. (re)usable, information.
In terms of measuring individual productivity with a view to self-assessment and systemic optimization, it is high time that the ISPs upgrade their systems and equipments with a dashboard-based journaling tool which is both unfakable and customizable, so as to enable their users to extract and edit such logs which are supposed to be kept black-boxed under the hood, insofar as this type of data can also provide an alibi whenever alleged fraud needs to be confirmed or invalidated.

What does the above number 3,739 refer to? To the 3,7 billion internet users worldwide (in 2017; please refer to the source website to follow the evolution of such statistics:

Step 3 : Your "Intranet+" Dashboard.
If intelligently connected through mechanisms of induction and deduction which can be automated, i.e. programmed, such information generates knowledge.
In order to produce a capitalizing effect, each information must therefore be further contextualized so as to induce the user into adopting a preventive approach. Imagine an operating system conceptualized into a knowledge capitalization solution which, instead of mistaking the user for granted (by making the latter a false positive by default), would let him know that it detected an anomaly in a specific area, and invite him to proceed with an advanced system check in order to be enabled to generate the problem-solving code needed to request the appropriate corrective patch from the IT provider. Such a degree of integration can only be achieved if there is systemic concordance of time sequences between all parts of the whole, i.e. if each app and system module is conceived of as a self-explaining set of specifying commands.

With a world population of 7,519 billion people, minus the 3,739 billion connected internet users, there are 3,780 billion people with no access to the internet because of age or health-related issues, unfavorable socio-economic conditions, or because of a mere lack of interest rooted in the overall insecurity of the web.

Step 4 : Your "Extranet+" Dashboard.
It is through a matrix-based decision-making process that such knowledge can be conceptually broken down into as many concrete implementation plans as necessary and sufficient.
In light of the issues raised in the previous section, the big question at this stage is therefore to know how to extract relevant rather than politically fantasized meaning, from statistics which remain conceptually inadmissible, insofar as the latter are the result of a gigantic cloud-based scam most commonly referred to as big data. In other words: between those who literally start from (the) zero because they have nothing to lose and everything to learn, and those who will first have to admit that they fooled themselves if they want to find a way to correct their biased trajectory, the advantage goes to the first.

Addressing the systemic issue of how to prevent the social and digital divide from fueling techno-idiocratic dynamics of self-impoverishment is about redeploying the existing interconnection of leaking buckets known as the internet, into a conceptually fraud-proof Externet+Ultra® of solutions which can only be funded if they are morally legitimate and financially viable, i.e. compliant with the principle of conceptual integrity.

Step 5 : Your Groupfolio Dashboard (Featherweight Configuration).
The implementation of such action plans will only make sense if it is performed in a way which provides for the real-time aggregation of admissible (i.e. concept compliant) results.
Producing statistics pertaining to one's own activities is one thing; being able to afford the luxury to put such analytics into systemic perspective, i.e. in relation to everything else, is another. Though it is strongly recommended, in these times of systematic intrusiveness, to withhold a maximum of value, i.e. to be cautious about predators, the benefits of affiliation for everyone - provider and user alike - as early as possible in the capitalization process, is a simple matter of regaining the confidence of everyone else, by individually taking part, at one's own pace and level, in the global redeployment effort.

At the entry level of providing basic access to "Externet+" web services, connecting the more modestly equipped populations could be done by producing a web TV channel dedicated to Planet+Ultra®, which would enable watchers to follow through the network's agenda, to benefit from the minimum affiliation services required to participate in all types of votes and opinion polls, and to receive customized offers aiming at full membership.

Step 6 : Your Infolio Dashboard (Lightweight Configuration).
The permanent dashboard-enabled auditing of such results empowers the user to learn from experience, and to make real-time decisions as to whether a specific project should be continued or not.
Let us go back to the vision of a future Intranet+Ultra® ring where school students and education professionals would be supported by a conceptualized native Windows environment, whereas macOS and iOS technologies would be customized to meet the requirements of small to medium-sized businesses, independent contractors and adult training professionals; where Android technologies would cover the needs of mobile salesforce populations, and GNU platforms those of university students and multi-OS developers. Although the necessity to produce an Infolio as a requirement for affiliation might seem prohibitive to those generations of adults born before the internet, it is meant as a reminder that the personal dashboard is already an integral part, at various levels of (often self-inflicted) exposition, of the everyday life of a youth under social pressure.

As a first exercise in strategic self-alignment with an imperative of digital convergence towards a system entirely self-regulated by the conceptual codex of transparency and reciprocity prevailing among franchised members, the Infolio module constitutes an unavoidable step of the affiliation process, all the more so as it provides a moral guarantee that the author subscribes to the spirit of collaborative intelligence upon which the quality of both the user experience and the societal network climate in general will depend.

Step 7 : Your Netfolio Dashboard (Middleweight Configuration).
The continuous validation and integration of new knowledge gained from experience provides for the sustainable renewal of our resources.
Affiliation with the NetPlusUltra® franchising system marks the transition to a matrix framework specifically devised with a view to the dashboard-based management of a systemic complexity under permanent optimization, inside a network in which all decisions are to be made on the grounds of the same conceptual body of meta-knowledge, whereby each franchised member is expected to enrich the said knowledge spectroscopy with concrete examples as s·he participates in the dedicated internal problem-solving forums. As a strategic support tool aiming for self-positioning through conceptual differentiation, with a view to search engine optimization of the franchisee's contents, this Infolio module is conceived of as a first conclusive experience to be renewed.

Knowing that NetPlusUltra® refers to a whole new web program, what would be yours about, at your own pace and level?

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